Рейтинг 20.7 points
Тип Yu-Gi-Oh! Карты
Власник Promo Pokemon
Кількість колекційних предметів 76
Створена 2/9/2016
Змінена 2/9/2016
Опис The Shonen Jump promotional cards are a series of special cards included in issues of the Shonen Jump magazine, given to users who order a subscription, available through mail-in orders or included in related tankoban.
Vulcan the Divi...
Vulcan the Divine Shonen Jump Yu-Gi-Oh!
X-Saber Souza S...
X-Saber Souza Shonen Jump Yu-Gi-Oh!
Yu-Jo Friendshi...
Yu-Jo Friendship Shonen Jump Yu-Gi-Oh!
Zubaba General ...
Zubaba General Shonen Jump Yu-Gi-Oh!