About Colecty.com


  1. Why do I need Item name?

    Item name is your short description of item. It will be shown on the top of item's picture in your item list. Item name is the only required field. Item name must be unique within user's collections. It means that different users can have items with the same Item name, but one user can't have several items with exactly the same Item name.

  2. What is the minimum size of the picture I can use for avatars or items?

    210x210 pixels.

  3. What is the maximum size of the picture I can use for avatars or items?

    There is no limitation on the maximum size of the picture right now.

  4. How many pictures am I allowed to attach to item?

    You can attach maximum 3 pictures to any item.

  5. Why does the picture I attached to the item look different from the original one?

    During the picture uploading system takes the middle of non square pictures and resizes taken part of picture to 210x210 resolution. It means that if you think whole item should be seen on the picture please upload the picture with the same size of the sides. In other words, please upload square pictures.

  6. What wildcards can I use during search?

    Right now "*" is recognised as search wildcard. But this character couldn't be used in the beginning of search term.